Smart study hacks to score good marks in class 6 maths exam

 Every student always hopes for the best in every exam. Similarly, if you are giving your class 6 exams for the first time then do not panic. Every year so many students give secondary exam of the CBSE for the first time. Class 6 consists of various subjects but mathematics class 6 is the most scoring subject among all the subjects of class 6. If a student wants to score full marks then mathematics is the only subject. But you need to do smart work and good practice of mathematics questions for scoring full marks in mathematics.

Below we are going to give a few important tips to students of class 6 for scoring full marks in mathematics exam.

Constant Practice

Constant practice is the most important key to making you perfect in any work. If you want to learn mathematics then constant practice is very important. Students should do regular practice by solving multiple practice papers, previous year’s cbse class 6th maths question papers and practice questions given at the end of every chapter. For practicing more similar types of questions, students can also go for online worksheets.

Focus on tough topics

If you want to score high then start focusing on those chapters in which you face multiple challenges and try to understand the concept of every tough question. First, try to complete the geometry and algebraic chapters then move on to the other chapters because these chapters are considered as most challenging and the concepts used in these chapters will be used in further classes. Always try to complete hard tasks first then focus on easy topics.

A thorough study of NCERT book 

CBSE always recommends the student to do a thorough study of NCERT books. Every question of the CBSE exam is completely based on the NCERT book. With the help of NCERT books, students get to know the basics of every topic and analyze on which chapter and topic to focus more on to score high marks. After completing every chapter, students make sure that they do not have any doubt related to any topic. 

Strategize your time

Every student has 24 hours but utilizing these 24 hours in a better way to score high is completely depends upon a student. Students should give sufficient time to their study by preparing a proper timetable. Equal study time should be allocated to every subject but little more time is allocated to maths subject in comparison to other subjects. Along with the regular study, proper relaxation is also important for keeping your mind calm. Small breaks are needed after every long hour of study. In your relaxation time, do whatever you love to do according to your interests. But this relaxation time should not be more than an hour.

With the above-mentioned tips, you can brush yourself for your big day. Students should always be relaxed the day before their exam. They should have proper meditation, dinner and sleep on time. Scoring good marks in class 6 maths exams is not a tough task. You just have to follow the above tips for scoring full marks.



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