How to setup QuickBooks Desktop using an online Connection?

This integration is barely compatible with QuickBooks for Windows. QuickBooks Pro is not compatible with Macintosh.

In QuickBooks:

  • Turn on “full payroll” preferences.
  • Make sure your week starts with a date match in every QuickBooks and TSheets.
  • Ensure that “use time information to pay” is checked for every company-wide preference and every active worker.
  • Make sure “Do you track time?” Company-wide preferences marked “yes”.
  • Ensure all labor area units created with at least one payroll item (unable to move with at least one payroll item number).
  • Be able to sign in because of the main administrator (username is usually “admin”).
  • Be able to switch to single-user mode.
  • Stay on the PC you are using to synchronize TSheets and QuickBooks desktops, only one location will be displayed as a result of synchronization.
  • The QuickBooks area unit needs to be exported for QuickBooks for additional time that ensures all users are either a nursing worker or an associate in traffic (including entry if necessary).

These guidelines assume that you are in the Bus Unit Digitization QBD area with an Associate in Nursing unit TSETS account. If you still do not have a TSheets account, see a way to get TSheets on your PC.

All on a single computer

  • Launch QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Open the QuickBooks desktop company file that you want to integrate with TSheets only, and sign in because of the main admin and single-user mode.
  • Log into TSheets as an Associate in Nursing Administrator.

Install the TSheets QuickBooks Integration Add-on and synchronize it with QBD

  1. In TSheets, include Add-ons> Managed Add-ons feature in the left menu.
  2. Locate QuickBooks Desktop Integration, and click Install.
  3. Step 1 – Choose Options: For the data, you want to get, make your choice and click Next. Options Avatar (These options are later modified within Preferences):
    • Remove all users: If you already have additional employees in TSheets, they will not be associated with your QuickBooks account, so you may be better able to store them on primary synchronization.
    • Import Customers and Jobs: It imports all active customers and their jobs in your TSheets account so that workers can track the time against them. You will be able to either assign them or all workers or allocate them later in seclusion (uncheck foreign customers and jobs). Note: If receivable, the customer’s shipping address will be synchronized to TSheets for inactivity.
    • Show Service Items: Chase will select from the time when selecting your service item list as inventory workers.
    • Show Billable: Provides an Associate in Nursing choice to workers to indicate if the time they are pursuing is billable.
    • Show Class: Chooses its Honors List as Inventory Worker, while Chase Time.
    • Import importers as employees: If you have found vendors/contractors who need to find the time, you may be able to import them into TSheets as users.
    • Import only 1099 Vendor: Vendor limits imports with “eligible for 1099” checked in QBD.
  4. You can delete any jobs/clients created in TSheets before your initial QuickBooks are synchronized, so you will see a warning window. Once this window is displayed, scan the warning, and if you want to proceed, delete and continue.
  5. Step 2 – Created Web Relationships: Click the Blue TSheets QuickBooks Web Connector Setup link, and run the downloaded .exe file.
    • If you use QBD via Right WebWorks or if the .exe link is not at the top, follow the instructions here: A way to manually integrate TSheets and QuickBooks desktops
  6. Sign in to TSheets.
  7. When the “Launch QuickBooks” window appears, click Install Web Concept.
  8. Authorize New Web Service in the window, click OK.
  9. In the “QuickBooks – Application Certificate” window, yes, select Continue whenever this QuickBooks file is open.
  10. In the “Access Confirmation” window, click Done.
  11. In the “QuickBooks Web Connector” window, check the box to the left of the TSheets application, and click Update Hand-Pick. The system synchronizes.
    • To use the online concession for subsequent sync in QBD, update File> Web Services.
    • Note: For QBDs in Canada, the “Update Web Services” option is not available. Instead, pin your concealer online before turning off the device.
  12. Back in TSheets, within the “Congratulations!” window, following successive steps listed there, like a way to Map Payroll things.

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