One Method of Data Recovery from a Dead Hard Drive

Here is the circumstance. A PC comes to us with a dead hard drive. Sadly, the client needs a few documents off the dead drive. After much examination on the web and a few information recuperation cites we choose to attempt to recoup the data ourselves.

Fortunately for us the drive won’t turn up by any stretch of the imagination. I state fortunately in light of the fact that the standard issue is that the circuit board on the base of the drive turned sour. That doesn’t imply that something different isn’t the issue, yet supplanting the circuit board is the most straightforward thing to attempt.

The principal thing required is another hard drive. That may sound simple yet it isn’t. You need an indistinguishable hard drive, and by indistinguishable I mean a similar model number, part number, firmware, everything. For our situation we had a Hitachi Travelstar hard drive that had three numbers to coordinate. The significant numbers were the model number, part number, and MLC number. I accept the MLC number has something to do with the firmware correction yet don’t cite me on that. In the wake of talking with Hitachi I was alluded to an organization called CueTech. They represent considerable authority in discovering “hard to track down” or old PC parts. The needed to charge somewhere in the range of $200 and $400 for the drive, which I thought was sensible for the work required to discover one. Rather than utilizing them I chose to look all alone and following two days, despite everything had not discovered another drive available to be purchased that addressed my issues. We at that point began glancing in house for comparative PCs and discovered one that had an indistinguishable drive. Presently we were good to go.

Since we had our drive, we expected to ensure ourselves in light of the fact that the client needed their machine back in working request. So before we began any sort of medical procedure we made an apparition picture of their hard drive. Subsequent to holding up the 20 minutes or so for the reinforcement to complete we started the medical procedure. First we expelled the hard drive from the working framework and laid it on a static cushion with the circuit barricade. We at that point utilized a T-5 Torx drive to evacuate the screws making sure about the circuit board to the hard drive. Your drive may require an alternate size or style of screwdriver. We at that point rehashed the procedure on the terrible drive. We put the circuit board from the great drive onto the dead hard drive and set it back in the PC. It booted! When we new it worked we then arrangement the framework to make a brisk drive picture. In the wake of holding up an additional 20 minutes we had a drive picture of the awful Odzyskiwanie danych z pendrive Łódź and our information was recuperated.

To complete the procedure we needed to put the circuit board back on the first great hard drive and confirm that it was working accurately. When that was finished and the PC came back to its proprietor, we introduced a fresh out of the box new hard drive in the framework that had the first issue. The last advance was to reestablish the drive picture to the new hard drive, check that it worked, and give the PC back to the proprietor.


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