Multipurpose Cardboard Boxes Designs Ideas

Cardboard is a useful material in the packaging industry because it has endless benefits that one doesn’t know, and it is always underestimated. Cardboard Boxes are in demand since always because they can be molded, folded, customized and colored any way one needs and desires. Cardboard is a versatile material with more benefits than given credit to. Since it is highly customizable and is relatively cheap, there are many ways the cardboard can be customized into making something multipurpose. Here are a few ideas for customized boxes manufactured out of cardboard:

Cardboard Storage Boxes with Handle Space

Since multipurpose boxes are all we are talking about at this time, we all know how when we receive anything in a nice square spacious cardboard packaging the first thing we want to do is to turn it into an organizer. That’s what the manufacturing and design company aims for, to enable the reuse of the cardboard. To maximize that possibility, a box that has cut out handles within the box is a great idea and makes a resourceful option for the packaging of many types of merchandise such as cardboard archive boxes.

Reusable Retail Cardboard Boxes 

Reusable and storage boxes are the same boxes with the same shapes but being reusable indicates that the box is being used for retail packaging before it is used in something else. So the design is done from two different perspectives. Reusable boxes are made in basic shape, and they must, of course, be very strong and sturdy. Cardboard sturdy boxes can be reused in projects, and as many things as one want, because they are strong, they don’t bend or break easily. Retail packaging can make great packaging out of sturdy cardboard material.

Cardboard Gift Boxes with Lids 

A cost-effective gift box idea is to make them from cardboard. When cardboard is used in gift box making, the boxes cost less, they are customized in many ways easily and no matter the amount of customization done it doesn’t cost the client an arm and a leg. 

Customized cardboard Boxes with Sleeve

It is wonderful how adding just another layer of sheet adds a whole lot of detail to packaging design. Cardboard boxes design of any kind with a sleeve on top look exquisite, and they can be done for a lot of different type of products. The box remains of cardboard and sleeve of a thinner material. In case the product is something fragile this another layer is going to add a layer of protection to it, keeping the product inside safe and away from damages. Strong packaging as such can take falls and stack without damaging. They are preferred for hardware, gifts, glass ornaments, delicate stuff such as crystal showpieces etc. The same box can handle shipping and reduces risks of product damage.

Cardboard Gable Boxes for Food business

Gable boxes are ideal for food packaging, and nothing suits food as good as a cardboard material. Cardboard keeps the food in its initial temperature and gets the food from point A to point B safely at the same temperature, and it is not even harmful to health. Food businesses prefer flat cardboard made a box, but a gable box that looks like a bag and has a built-in handle is an excellent choice. It doesn’t take any longer than what the other types take because well, technology is advancing and the more amount of stuff you order, the quicker you get it, and the cost reduces drastically.

Few Cardboard Boxes Hacks You Must Know

  • Cardboard is super customizable, and it can have made customized into a pyramid box, a pillow box or any custom shaped box with ease.
  • Cardboard’s are super cheap! So if you think your design is a little tacky and can cost you heaps of money, replace the expensive material with cardboard!
  • Make a reusable packaging out of cardboard because it is eco-friendly!

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