Mini Nets and How It Can Boost Website Traffic

Mini nets or mini sites are simply a group of websites that are focused on doing one single task, which is why they usually contain just about two to three pages maximum. If you are an affiliate marketer, mini nets are very useful in promoting your affiliate website – when you have mini sets at your disposal, your affiliate product or service will get more exposure.

Affiliate marketers and online marketers alike use mini sites because of the great advantage that they provide – mini sites do the pre-selling of the products and service, which saves you time and efforts. If you place a testimonial on a mini net between the advertisement and the seller, there is a bigger chance that you get more converted sales compared to having none.

There are two ways to use mini nets: you can either use them on their own or you can choose to use a number of different domain names where each one sells one product and then link all the sites together in order to boost your search engine rankings. Because of this flexibility and benefit, a lot of online advertisers are using and creating mini websites these days.

But if for example you do not have a website that sells products and services but instead have a website that provides information through content, you can still use mini nets to your advantage – you can link the mini sites with your main content site. As your ufabet เว็บหลัก content site gets more traffic and gets pushed up the search engine ranks your mini sites rise as well and when that happens, it will be very easy for you to redirect your visitors to your mini sites which are the ones selling your products and services.

However, you can only use this technique if your content in your website is highly relevant to the product that you are selling on your mini site. Good thing creating a strong relationship between product and content is fairly simple – for starters, you can use a few lines of the product’s description or use some information from the sales letter of the product.

If you choose to do that, make sure that you do not copy everything word for word. You would not want your mini site – where your products are sold and marketed – to be flagged by the major search engines for serious offenses like plagiarism.

In order to setup a strong mini site, you have to create a strong keyword list for your niche first and push your ranks as high as you can with less link building since you are making several mini sites, all of which already have keyword optimized domain names. Doing this will give you higher rankings but less competition.


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