Market America – Is Market America a Legitimate Network Marketing Business?

Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, Market America was founded in 1992, and is a product distribution and internet marketing company. They service more than 3 million preferred customers, and have over 180,000 Distributors and UnFranchise Business owners in their network. Since their inception, they have generated over $3 billion in sales, and have paid out over $1.8 billion in commissions and bonuses to their distributors and business owners. Market America employs more than 500 people globally.

The Market America Business Model:

The Market America business model is dependent on network marketing to grow your business. When you become an entrepreneur of Marrket America, you will be supplied a Web Portal. Through the use of this Web Portal, Market America tracks the buying habits of customers in order to match products to the individual customer. Through this Web Portal, customers have access to over 35 million different products or services, whether that be Market America brands or brands from partner stores. Based on the amount of products and services that they offer, they are three times larger than, and are the largest internet shopping website on the net today.

Market America offers a business opportunity that they call the UnFranchise Business. They have given the business this unique name, because you receive all of the support and training of a franchise, but do not have to pay a franchise fee. Additionally, instead of receiving a franchisor royalty, you will be paid commissions based upon the amount of sales that your Web Portal is able to generate.

Can I make Money with Market America?

The Market America business model is based upon a BV or business volume system. BV represents 80% of every dollar spent by a customer via your Web Portal. For example, if a customer spends $100, that represents 80 BV. When you first become an UnFranchise Business owner with Market America, you will need to find 2 other business owners to join your team. You will put one on your left, and the other on your right. This will activate your business, and you will not be able to collect commission checks until you accomplish this. Once your business reaches 1200 BV on the right side, and 1200 BV on the left side, a $300 commission check will be released to you. The more BV that your business generates on the left and right side, the larger your commission checks. Once your business reaches $109,000 per year in commission checks and bonuses, your business will max out. Once this occurs, then you are expected to start a brand new business, and duplicate all of your original efforts in your first business, if you have a desire to make more.

When you become an UnFranchise Business owner, you will be expected to have hotel meetings, share your business with family and friends, promote home meetings, and host product shows. If you have no problem doing the following activities, then Market America might be a good opportunity for you.

In my opinion, Market America does offer a legitimate business opportunity. Although, the compensation plan does not seem to be a very lucrative one compared to the amount of efforts that are expected from you. With that being said, this opportunity is not a scam.

If you are new to network marketing, or any business that is dependent on marketing efforts, I encourage you to enroll into a reputable online marketing course. This course will teach you the techniques and strategies that are used to market any business online. In my opinion, for the average person, it takes much more than family and friends, hotel meetings, or house parties to make a business of this nature a success. In our modern world, you need to utilize the power of the internet to market any kind of business. If you learn the strategies that are used by top online marketers, you can make any legitimate business opportunity, including this one, a success.


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