Market America Business Model – How Market America Works

“Being at the right place at the right time”, is a common quote from people who know that to be positioned correctly for financial gain is of utmost importance. Especially when it comes to being in business for yourself. Achieving success in Market America is all about being at the right place at the right time. Market America was founded in 1992 in Greensboro, North Carolina by JR Ridinger and his wife, Loren Ridinger. The main goal was to turn the MLM industry upside down with a proven business plan to help people achieve success. Their main focus was to create a “mall without walls”. They did accomplish that and more.

With Market America’s recent acquisition of, MA is expected to grow within the online Internet retailer’s Top 100 list. Through perseverance, Market America has climbed higher – 12 places in fact, to #54 on the Internet retailer’s Top 100 for 2009, with their sights set clearly on being in the Top 10 next.

With over 180,000 customer managers that will help people have a great experience finding exactly what they need, the customer managers are but a phone call away. A real person you can talk to that will assist you right over the phone find any item you need. With over 3500 SKUs available and thousands of partner stores joining Market America every day, there is nothing you need online that can’t be found on Market America’s shopping portals.

The benefit and “success” earned by each customer manager or distributor is earning the retail profit and commissions from the people on your “team”. The primary difference between other MLM’s or direct sales companies is their business model. Market America is based primarily on the “binomial” marketing system where people are placed in a “two leg” model as opposed to a horizontal marketing model that is used in other MLM companies and direct sales – where everyone is in direct competition with each other. With the binomial marketing plan, everyone is helping each other achieve success. This success can equate to yearly income of over 500,000 per year with multiple business development centers open. Market America’s distributors main job is to obtain base 10, 7 strong customers who shop through their portals per month with both Market America branded products and Internet products. Internet products from such stores as Victioria’s Secret, Walmart and Home Depot. With the added bonus of earning cash back shopping and an additional 0.5% cash back from everyone you refer to shop on the portal, this equals more cash in your pocket.

There are so many areas to specialize in once you have become a distributor for the company, whether it be health and nutrition, web site sales, custom cosmetics or anti-aging, there is something for everyone in Market America. The goal is to achieve success within 2-3 years by teaching others how to be successful with a proven business plan, just helping other people achieve what they want, you achieve what you want- success. Market America is really the true home business opportunity.


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