Mace and Pepper Spray, What is the Difference?

If you are thinking about purchasing a self defense spray, it is no mystery that it can be a difficult experience. There are so many different brands to choose from. However the two most common are usually mace and some other type of pepper spray such as streetwise, wildfire, peppershot or some other brand. So, Mace and pepper spray, what is the difference? Below you will find out the difference between each one of these sprays and how they may be able to help you with your self defense needs.

First let’s talk about pepper spray. So, what is it? Pepper Spray, also known as Oleoresin Capsicum is an inflammatory agent which comes from the hottest part of peppers such as chilis. Some of the effects of pepper spray include causing the eyes to slam shut in temporary blindness for about 15-30 minutes, irritation and burning of the skin, massive tearing, runny nose, heavy breathing and chocking. The overall hotness of a spray is measured by Scollville Heat Units or SHUs. Usually the higher the Scollville Heat Unit, the higher the concentration, and thus, the more effective the cbd oral spray will be on an attacker. Some pepper sprays can reach as much as one million SHUs or more. Pepper spray is an extremely effective self defense spray which is often used by law enforcement in the field.

Mace is another type of self defense spray. Mace is a combination of both OC spray and CS tear gas, which is an irritant that causes massive disorientation and tearing. Mace contains about a 10% concentration of pepper spray with the rest being CS tear gas. The mixture of these to active chemical agents makes mace an extremely effective pepper spray for civilian use. Mace also has sprays specifically created to disable dogs and bears. The effectiveness of Mace Spray needs no introduction. The reputation that this spray has accumulated over time has practically a household name in the self defense and security world.

So which one is better, Mace or pepper spray? This is a question that often comes up all the time with future consumers of these sprays. However, the answer truly depends on your preference, and what you are looking for. In some states such as Michigan, you can only buy special Michigan approved Mace spray and any other spray is not allowed. If you are in law enforcement police grade mace or a high concentrated self OC spray may be your spray of choice. You may want a higher dose of pepper power, in which case pepper spray may be just what you are looking for. On the other hand, you may want more variety, in which case mace will answer your call with many different items including pepper weights, pepper batons, and keychains. You may also be looking for something against a bear or dog, at which time Mace is the brand you will want to use and not OC spray. The most important thing a future owner of one of these sprays can do is to make a list of things they are looking for in their spray. Once they do this, they can look online for the item or call a customer service representative to find out what the nest type of spray would be in their situation.


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