How to cheer up a sick friend

At some point of our lives we all have fallen sick or dealt with a sick person. It could be a family member, a distant relative, or a close friend. Sickness, no matter of what severity, be it mild or fatal can often lead to depression or a feeling of hopelessness or may even wear them down completely. In such times, it is essential that you find out ways to make them feel better like sending them a get well soon fruit baskets .We give you below, five reasons how you can tell your friend that you care about them during this period of sickness.

  • Communicate-The first and foremost thing that you can do is tell your friend that you care about her and you will be by her side always. We live in a digital world where communication is so easy so even if your friend is living seven seas apart you can shoot a text message on her mobile or send her an email or just simply call her .If she lives in your city or town then best would be to pay her a visit at her home and let her know that you have been praying for her. A few comforting words may lift up her spirits greatly.
  • Make a love basket-another great way to cheer up a sick friend is to hand them over a get well fruit basket with a written note in it which may have a small poem written or just one single line that says you care about her. You can also put in a get well soon card inside the basket.
  • Watch a movie together- This surely would make her feel good and relaxed. You can watch her favorite movie in the comforts of her house and reminiscence old times, crack jokes and laugh together. This would help to ease her boredom and also rejuvenate her spirits.
  • Help them with work-You can help your sick friend finish her school assignments or simply help her with household chores like cooking and cleaning. You can buy the groceries or other house hold items for her or get her kids back from school or just do her laundry .Easing out her task would make her feel light and tension free. Offer her complete rest so that she can recover quickly.
  • Give them sometime of their own-This is a great way to let them heal emotionally and physically. Don’t ask them too many questions and instead give them space to be alone. A sick person doesn’t like being asked too many questions so give them time to rest and relax and feel better and recover soon.

With changes in season and now that the onset of winter is around the corner, illnesses are in the air. It is very easy to get restless and feel gloomy when you are sick and have no one to help you or even talk to you. With these points in offering you can surely try help a sick friend or anybody else who is down with any kind of illness and make them feel better. In return what you get is innumerable blessings and prayers.

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