GRE or GMAT, which one should you go for

When it comes to business schools, most of them will accept either of the test scores, GRE or GMAT. MBA applicants can choose either of them to showcase how good their skills are.

After numerous surveys it has been found that more than 70 percent of business schools treat both the tests equally when it comes to the admission process. Around 2 percent of the administration says that GRE test takers have a leg up and more than 20 percent say that GMAT students have an advantage.

So how does one choose? Given below are a few pointers that one must consider before going in for either GMAT or GRE.

Your graduate school preference: It is important to find out which test gets a weightage when it comes to your dream college. If you are looking to get into a B school, remember that there are some business schools that give a very strong preference to GMAT. So if one is an MBA aspirant, it is important to consider the case of the colleges they predominantly want to get into and the GMAT preparation they’re going forward with. There are also many businesses schools that give both GRE and GMAT equal weightage and just encourage students to go for the exam that showcases one’s ability to be good at the degree programme he/she is applying for.

Mathematics: A lot of experts maintain that when it comes to the quantitative aptitude section, GMAT is more difficult than GRE. So if you have good math skills and you want to highlight that, GMAT is your friend to showcase it. Furthermore,  if you have any future plans to apply to a program that gives math skills a precedence then you should go for GMAT.

It is said that even though GMAT has a tougher quantitative section in comparison to GRE, it is easier for those people who are more interested in logic problems in comparison to geometry ones because in GRE there are more geometry questions involved.

Language: Experts have a lot to say about the ways in which GRE has tougher words than GMAT. The verbal section in GRE can be tougher than GMAT for people who can’t speak English as fluently as people who have English as their first language.

What you aim to do in the future: Your career plans are of utmost importance. along with your GMAT preparation. MBA aspirants who wish to further their career by working in a management consultancy, investment banks or the like, need to keep in mind that most of these firms require the applicants to give in their GMAT scores with the application.

How comfortable you are in a test environment: Unlike GMAT, GRE allows a test taker to pick an option, save it and then return to it. This reduces stress considerably and candidates tend to complete the test in a much easier way. MBA applicants usually have a tendancy to flip when they see difficult standardized questions. These people tend to perform much more substantially in the GRE exam.

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