Fleet Management System (FMS) – The Ultimate Winning Formula!

IF you are in Fleet Service Offering Business you must get answers to below Questions before it’s too late.
Have we ever noticed the value of Assets we are leveraging on? The availability of Fleets at hand? The fuel Consumption patterns? The life of Fleet, Is the Preventive Maintenance of Fleets Due? Are we running helter shelter to renew the Insurance? Are our customers satisfied and would give us the repeat opportunity to serve them with our services? Are we using the right metrics to monitor the performance in terms of reliability and mileages? Managing Fleets, drivers, breakdowns, Finances, Customer Feedback, Shift Management and Ticket Itinerary are never ending worries if we are in the business of Fleet Services giving us sleepless Night. A Scanner Lenses is missing to trace activities at multiple locations with different entities involved in managing such complex business functions single handedly. True need for a helping hand is in much demand who would in no mean time streamline these ad hoc functions to make the business transaction smooth.

The answer to all the above questions most of the time remains unanswered or at times needs to dig mountains of information to arrive at workaround answers. However the bleeding business needs a permanent remedy than a temporary bandage. The only solution to come out of this multiple and complex operations is to have complete end to end monitoring and managing the fleet management of wizeo vehicles. Being in the service Industry we need to maximize our profits by scheduling the trips methodologically to run with better mileage and less downtime. Service at one time cannot be stacked up and resale at latter point of time. The nature of Fleet Service business doesn’t allow the flexibility to resale service, here the service lost is the opportunity lost for ever.

The key to above problems is FMS:

the ultimate winning formula. It is a software tool, giving value for money and addressing the pains currently encountered. It has the functionality to cater to end to end operations related to managing the Fleets. It takes care of Fleet Registration, Usage, Fuel Consumption, Mileage and Performance. Has the flexibility with booking engine to book trips and reschedule the trips if demand arises. The preventive maintenance and breakdowns are scheduled as per the due dates and on emergency respectively. All permutation and combinations of assignments of Fleets to the Drives and Shifts are handled leading to optimum utilization of Fleets Performance.

Be in touch with you key business driver: CUSTOMERS!

FMS gives you the connectivity to be connected with your key business drivers: Customers!!! All the time. Through the CRM Module the customer can register feedback, complaints if any about the experience of his service consumption. Booking engine gives you the interface to talk to your prospects virtually and help us serve them better.

Integration with other business functions other than Operations is Must!

FMS is tightly integrated with core modules like administration giving the flexibility to management for designing the roles and responsibilities. Tracking the tasks and work activities draws towards the productivity at work. Maintenance Module and Finance modules are coupled to track expenses. The fuel consumption and mileages gives the graph of Fleet Performance and Profitability. CRM gives Customer satisfaction index and an insight of how the service is appreciated by end customers.

What is there for Management?

Reports! Reports! Reports! Is all what managements have for quick decision making. Monitoring the businesses minute details is much possible with FMS giving them the clarity of business operations with Accounts receivables and Payables. More Business through satisfied customers and encasing their fleet assets to grow in business. Management can also look for hardware vendors who can help them with vehicle tracking devices to integrate with GPS system and have records of fleets on the move. All thoughts lead into actions… so why wait?


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