Embarking on a journey of Surat

Surat is one of the popular food hubs as the food habits of the people have special relevance. Not only it is famous in Gujarat, but the popularity stems to other regions of the country. The people have so much craving for the delicious foodies that they would go to any extent. Even train food delivery items have a lot to offer for the foodies.

Surat has gone on to formulate new standards or benchmarks for taste buds. The delivery of food items in the train can give you an overview on what you can expect during the course of the journey.


A simple snack for the people of Surat. An interesting piece of history does emerge from the preparation of this dish. Once upon a time a faranswala was making khaman that too works out to be a delicious snack. Before full preparation he did go on to take it on board. In fact, he did figure out the taste was better and went on to name it Lachoo. One of the notable features of this item is that it is available in various versions. Popular types include cheese lachoo, butter lachoo. Among all the places near the railway station you can locate a premium version of this item.

Surati Ghari

An ancient item that does have a tinge of history as part of it. Once upon a time, army of Tantia Tope did settle in Surat and then a Brahmin did go on to prepare a high calorie sweet dish. His name was Dr Dev Shankar and the army did go on to appreciate the efforts. Though with the passage of time his business operations did not bear fruit. But still this sweet dish you can figure out in various vintage points of the city.


Who does not like to taste delicious parathas as part of train food delivery. Though it works out to be part of Punjabi cuisine the people of Surat do appreciate this dish. More so it works out to be a form of domestic cuisine as there are various types of parathas. Examples are paneer paratha, Gobi paratha. What would be a cause of surprise seems there are 40 varieties of parathas in the category of veg and non veg. The moment you serve it with pickle and veg it works out to be a delight for sure.


Our list does become incomplete without the mention of Faafda. In the state of Surat this does appear to be one of the popular and ranks high in terms of consumption. You can serve them with hot or sour chutney basically they are sticks of white flour. Gaanda Kaka was the first place to dish out this item. But with the passage of time the entire city did go on to serve it.

To sum it up these are some of the popular dishes that ceases to be available in the city of Surat. So when you are part of a train journey you can converge on them.

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