Data Recovery Services

While 85 percent of lost computer data can be recovered by users themselves using available recovery and undelete software, sometimes the scope is so large, the corruption level so high, or the problems that caused the data loss more than the average user can handle that you may need to resort to using a data recovery service.

For example, your computer could have been damaged by flood or fire. Or you may not be talking about a single hard drive on a single computer, but rather multi-disk RAID, SAN or NAS devices. Or perhaps the CD or DVD you used to back up data has itself become corrupted, scratched or damaged in some other way. In any case, if the odzyskiwanie danych z dysku Warszawa process sounds too difficult or you just trust that someone else may know better how to handle, you can always turn to a service specializing in data recovery.

There are several ways to find companies that specialize in data retrieval. The first method is to look on the Internet. Start by searching Google, Yahoo or your other favorite search engine. Here you will find web-based companies that specialize in disaster file recovery, which you have to ship your hard drive or PC to for service. These companies are good at what they do because their entire business is based on recovery and retrieval of computer data. Sometimes, depending on where you live, they can be cheaper than your local computer repair shops too.

The other option is to find a local company that may be able to assist. Sometimes, when it comes to your valuable data, you want to work with someone local who you can hand deliver your equipment to and speak with face-to-face. The easiest way to locate these local companies is to grab your local yellow pages and start making phone calls. You will probably have to look under computer repair or computer support since many local companies cannot make a living doing only data recovery.

Your best bet is to start by getting price and service quotes from multiple data recovery services. When getting quotes, make sure the quote is based on the amount of work required to recover the files, not the volume of the file data itself. Reputable data recovery services do not charge by the number or size of the files. That way you will know the total cost of recovery upfront. You can then determine if the data you need to recover is truly worth the price.

Not only that, but there should be no hidden fees. For example, evaluation should be free and done by tech personnel, not a customer service representative over the phone. If you are willing to spend money with a data recovery service, it is because your data is valuable.

Another thing you want to look for is whether or not your drive or media manufacturer authorizes the data recovery service. If not, your original warranty might be voided. A good way to check is to visit the retailer where you bought your computer or call the company and ask about it.

Also, since data recovery is not foolproof, be careful to avoid any company that promises 100 percent recovery of your files. The causes for data loss and hard drive failures are numerous, and some make the chances of total data recovery slim to none. This does not mean that your data cannot be recovered 100 percent, only that any company promising 100 percent recovery is not being honest.

Finally, a good data recovery service will be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and most will actually walk you through the process of recovering your data over the phone if that’s all you really need. After all, they want to establish a relationship with you, and that is an excellent way to do it.


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