Are you looking for Custom Bags for your Business Marketing?

The move has led to many companies and retail outlets taking measures to reduce the usage of plastic in their packaging materials so as to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the cleaning up of the atmosphere, for human beings to live in an and have a sustainable future.

 The efforts have paid off, and it is reported that the average plastic usage in the United States of America has dropped by 7%; the figure might not seem like much, but it is a start.

Why switch to a custom bag?

As outlined, we see how pollution levels have reached record levels. One of the many solutions, that was easy to implement and not so demanding, was the introduction of biodegradable packaging like cardboard shipping bags. This was the main reason. However, there were many other factors that were considered by manufacturers, retailers and consumers.


Firstly, they were cheap and easy to produce. Even if the production process was a bit more expensive than that for plastic, the fact that it was reusable, cancelled out any effect that might have had. The production was easy and paper bags were seen as a perfect substitute for plastic shopping bags. They are strong and durable and can carry the products easily. Being made from strong material like cardboard and cloth, which are used in the packaging industry on a large scale due to their flexibility, versatility and strength, these bags seemed to be viable for carrying heavy loads.

Also, they are easy to transport and store. They offer complete protection to the products wrapped inside them, protecting them from heat, light and any other environmental factor that might harm the items, especially perishables.

Customization and custom-designed bags

Another highly useful benefit of using this type of packaging is the fact that it is highly customizable. Hence the name, custom packaging. The bag is a source of free marketing. Being made into any shape, size and design, it is useful for companies selling a wide range of products.

It is printable, meaning that we can design any sort of text and image on the bag. This completes the aspect of customization and is useful for helping establish a distinct brand image of the company and ensure product differentiation. For now, most of the custom carriers are used by retail outlets to advertise their brands.


How does it work?

Confused about how can a custom tote bag made of cardboard or cloth, be useful in free marketing of the store?

Don’t worry, we will provide an in-depth analysis of the impact of these bags on the sales of these stores. Let’s look at the ways in which they help with the business advertisement:


  • Acting as an effective marketing tool:


Consider the bag. It is designed totally according to your specifications, unlike the plain plastic packaging bags. The carrier bag clearly displays your logo and brand symbols. And the customer does not throw away the bag, considering that it is reusable. This creates a presence of your firm, wherever the customer takes that bag. That is free and wide-reaching marketing that is not only cheap but also effective. People become walking advertisements, and the more people that carry your bags, the more widespread your brand, and the more trustworthy it will seem to be.


  • Attracting attention of people:


The main purpose of using advertising is to make attract the attention of people to a particular product. Using large, fancy shopping bags that proudly display your company logo and name, will definitely attract attention. However, do make sure that the bags are of high quality so that the consumer will be willing to carry them, around.



  • Eco-connect: 


With the rise in concern over pollution and climate change, you can use that to make sure that your brand seems to be in touch with the public views. Reusable bags that prevent pollution? How great is that? Make your consumers aware of the fact that you are aware of your responsibility to the environment and are taking the step towards a more sustainable future. Customers love that and will connect with you more.


  • Boost image and branding: 


People usually associate high-quality cloth bags with a large brand name and high-quality retail. High-end couture and stores use these bags for this very reason. Therefore, if you also use these bags, it will give off the same image. Simple Paper Bags with handles can be transformed into an exquisite and branded bag, which represents quality and style.



  • Costs: 


When you are thinking of marketing, you need to consider the value of the ad campaign. The reason most retail stores are using these carriers is because they are cheap and easy to mass-produce and customize, as they do not require complicated machinery or large labour. And they are more cost-effective than plastic bags. This helps the company to use them as a source of free publicity that has worth far more than the simple production cost of these shopping carriers. Also, most stores offer discounts to clients using these reusable Custom Bags at the store from where they were bought, increasing sales and revenue, as well as boosting the brand popularity.

Therefore, we can clearly see how the introduction of customizable shopping bags made of bio-friendly products, are not only helpful for the environment but are very efficient and important sources of brand marketing for different firms and companies, usually those that have retail outlets.

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