8 Fun Facts About Online Casino Games You Didn’t Know: Must Read

We often go through articles that specify why online casino games are popular or the benefits of playing online. But today, let’s read about some of the fun facts about gclub online casino games, which not many are aware of.

  1. 70% of the total industry profit from online casino games comes from online slot machines alone. Thus, it’s evident that all online portals offer slot games.

  1. The sudden interest in online poker is called the “Moneymaker Effect”, which happened when the game suddenly became popular in 2003 by the vidtory of Chris Moneymaker World Series of Poker (WSOP) championship. It was the very first time when any amateur qualified for WSOP through a website and emerged as the winner. The media covered it big time calling it a “Moneymaker Effect”. The name looks like some technical term, whereas in reality, it’s just the surname of Chris.

  1. People often talk of online slot games being rigged, but in contrary to this belief, they are not at all rigged. The online slots work on random number generator and your win or loss is entirely based on luck. All the reputed and genuine websites that offer an array of lottery and casino games are very much regulated with no chance of rigging whatsoever.

  1. Though a lot of people love to play online casino games because of their many benefits, including the convenience factor, the industry is dominated by male players. Data suggests that 84% of all online players are men.

  1. There are both skill-based and luck-based games available in online casinos (for instance, poker and Blackjack). In skill-based games, your decisions have the potential to influence your winning chances, but in luck-based games, it is not so.

  1. If you love to play poker online, you might be intrigued to know that there is 1 in 6,49,740 chances of getting a Royal Flush in a game.

  1. We often talk of ‘Dead man’s hand’ when a player has a pair of aces and a pair of eights. The name Dead man’s hand originated from the fact that Wild Bill Hickok, the renowned gunfighter and gambler was holding this combination when he was shot dead.

  1. The Indians’ love for casino games is quite evident, but what not many people know is that a good percentage of young Indians love to play free online casino games. They prefer playing just for fun without involving any real money. To tap this section of players to start playing for money, most online casinos are working on various strategies like offering lucrative bonuses, allowing free plays directly from the browser etc.

Online casino games are gaining incredible popularity with each passing day. There are hundreds of websites that offer an extensive array of games to players that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. However, these are some fun facts about this huge industry, which not many are aware of. Knowing about the fun facts can at times add little more magic to the fun and enjoyment that you have while playing them.

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