10 Ways to Woo Your Wife on A Philippines Honeymoon

The whooping of crashing waves on the white sand… the color of sky gradually changing from blue to hue yellow to orange and finally pink… the breeze is whispering in ears… You and your partner got plunged and lost in the moment while tangling tongue and feeling each other- A picture-perfect romantic scene. Well, this can happen in reality, especially when you are out for a honeymoon in the Philippines. Nature plays a cupid here to get you in the mood of romance. 

So, if you are tired of listening to the complaints “You aren’t romantic at all!” this is the time you woo your wife in the Philippines honeymoon and make her feel the most beautiful lady on the earth. Thinking about your ease, we have picked 10 beautiful places where you can make her day special. Have a look.

Boracay Island

Crystal clear water, sparkling sunlight, pristine beaches, a whole romantic setup- Boracay has a lot to offer you being one of the best islands in the world. So it’s a must-visit for couples. 

Bohol Island

This island is known as the home of exotic beaches and virgin islands. If you want to have the vision of soothing nature, Bohol island is the ideal place for you and your partner. 

Palawan Island

Palawan is best known as “the last frontier”. It’s one of the most beautiful secret honeymoon places and quite unexplored till now. 


Here is another hidden treasure of the Philippines. The dreamy location has plenty of scenarios to leave you awestricken. Hold your wife’s hand and dive dip into the jungle-clad landmass or transparent, sparkling blue water. 

Subic Bay

Nestled in the west coast of Luzon island, Subic Bay is one of the fun-filled honeymoon spots in the Philippines. From tiger safari to ocean adventure, you can have it all here with your wife. 

Elefante Island

If you want a drop-dead gorgeous location in the Philippines, visit the Elefante Island. The offbeat retreat of exquisite delicacies will keep you hooked for the whole day. 


Sagada is a secluded place amidst mountains, where you can plan different outdoor activities to perform with your better-half. You can explore the nearby amusement places like Echo Valley, Sumahuing Cave, Bokong Waterfalls, or Mt. Kite Plan. 

Taal Volcano

You probably have heard of volcanos since childhood. This time you can explore the thrill of witnessing one having your wife besides. Taal volcano is one of the liveliest places you can add in your honeymoon bucket list. 

Sand Dunes Of Paoay

You might be surprised to know that the Philippines has a desert as well. Yes, there is a lot to experience when you are in the Philippines. Go for a desert safari and get to see another side of this beautiful island. 


If both of you are fond of adventures, Tagaytay is the place you must visit. You can opt for horseriding, ziplining, or a trip to the Sky Ranch Theme Park. 


Get ready to celebrate love in the paradise of the earth- the Philippines, with Pickyourtrail’s Philippines honeymoon packages and have a hassle-free honeymoon. Pack your swimsuit and some hot dresses to sizzle the island.

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